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What Are People Saying?

Nikki Jackson

My Design Went from Wack to Amazing

Nikki Jackson

When I first joined the group, I did not know what design I wanted. I just know I wanted it to be simple, yet powerful. I was stuck on putting “beauty goals” on a shirt for a long time, but once I accepted Krystal and AJ’s advice and started thinking bigger than just me and what I wanted, I came up with “I Stay Prayed Up.” Since joining the group I have learned so much about myself and how to think more like a successful entrepreneur. My design and original idea went from wack to amazing, so much so, that influencers are wearing my shirt and loving it. I built my own website from scratch. Something I had never done before and didn’t think I could do. To top it off, I’ve made genuine connections with other group members. What I like is that Krystal and AJ won’t do the work for you, but instead provide you will ALL the tools needed to create and maintain a successful brand/business. They encourage you to think outside the box and push past the fear. They are so loving and want all of us in the group to win. They give so much invaluable information, not to mention they always offer encouraging words. Joining Girl + Goals started off as a business investment, but has become so much more. I’m really grateful for Krystal, AJ and the group!
Mary Quinn-Griffin

I Have Confidence And Guidance

Mary Quinn-Griffin

Before I was at a stand still with just a logo not knowing what my next step was, how to find a manufacturing company and how to set up a selling site . Now not only do I have a logo but a manufacturing company that will make and ship out items to customers and also a selling site . I am so happy and thankful for the steps that Girls plus Goals has given me to be successful!!!
Deyna Renee

I Love The Membership Group!

Deyna Renee

My experience with Girl + Goals has been wonderful. Everyone in the group is like family. Girl + Goals helped me get out of my comfort zone. I have grown tremendously in my personal life by taking on different ventures and exploring the different concepts in the business world. I have also became an inspiration to others during my growth. When I first started my business wasn't in a good light. Trying to get my business out of darkness was a process. Thanks to Krystal Lee a d AJ Joiner my business has been brought back to life. With the outstanding teaching and constant communication within the group, my business has started elevating day by day. The more I push, I feel my business will continue to grow. Girl + Goals is my family away from home.

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